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– Bringing together the world’s best supervisors for large scale constructions

Plant Supervision specializes in supplying and commissioning, electrical-, mechanical-and control engineers for the cement-, mineral- and associated industries, as well as other large scale and heavy industries. Plant Supervision supports our clients worldwide with consultancy, experienced management and supervision during the erection and commissioning of various cement plants.

Plant Supervision provides the highest level of service to our clients because of our years of hands-on experience, our commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction. We look forward to assisting you.


Countries where Plant Supervision has operated with Consultancy and Supervision: Kazakhstan, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, India, Denmark, Chile, Turkey, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Qatar, Taiwan, Egypt, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Mauritania, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Australia


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We are always keen to recruit motivated and talented people to help keep us at a top level. If you feel that you could contribute to our company in any way, then we would love to hear from you.